vendredi 30 mars 2012

MUX 1930s first characters

Luv that new camera ^^

Ok boys, there come the very first characters for the 1930s period : 4 members to represent the very core of the MUX.

Left to right :
Aman Kapoor, Andrew Charles Peabody, Mrs. Prizka, Mortimer (Mort) Spade. Being the core quatuor, they also reflect the diversity on which the MUX is based.

Peabody, young inheritor of the famous foundation, gathered them all during his many journeys throughout the world, being a well educated polivalent and brillant leader.

Kapoor, Peabody's servant, guru, bodyguard, whatever ..., was brought back from a trip to India, being the last survivor of the temple of an old order of warrior monks.

Mrs Prizka, born Polish, is a smart young woman, plus a gifted medium. Raised in a pro-German family, she was married by her family to the son of a German officer. As she had a vision of the forthcoming future, she couldn't bear the hideous ideology her relatives had fallen into and choose to flee to the States in 1932, changing her name for the one of a friend she had.

Mort is a born hunter. But put in the urban ground of New York, he became a talented detective. Now his talent had him caught in something he wasn't expecting to find in this world. Mort's bahaviour varies from the noble knight attitude to the pure mercenay, depending on his mood. He remains a precious help when a track is needed, but not necesseraly the most reliable man on Earth.

jeudi 29 mars 2012

New camera !

Finally got that new camera I needed ! Gotta spend some time working on the setting, then I'll try to feed that blog a bit more often ... won't be difficult ;)

An apetizer ?

Now me go ^^