samedi 27 octobre 2012

Mob of the dead

Continuing with the gothic horror revival, there come the first members of my summoned dead mob for EotD.
So far, the mob is 7 members large, as some more material is assembled within the mansion of a darkfire club (humm just thinking such a manour would make a great playground ...). Dead meat her comes out of the official zombie mob branded by West Wind, but also includes older references from their range, one of which received a new head, from Lead Adventure (which have a limited yet exquisite VSF catalog !). On the left hand of the pciture, a couple of miniatures come from Wyrd Miniatures, and if I'm correct should be called 'drowned' something. They mix perfectly with the other miniatures and bring a bit of even gloomier stuff to the zombie mob: imagine people getting so horrified in a world fueled with Infernium they comitted suicide ... just to be reborn as the most evil force on Earth ... creepy, isn't it ? Just have a closer look :

(close ups shot by Dokh ;) )

vendredi 26 octobre 2012

Not (un)dead yet !

Here I am, back from the hordes of mindless zombies facing their screen, gargling things about having more brain ...
It's been a long time since I didn't post, so here's my first 'reborn' one.

A short presentation of some of my late work on Empire of the Dead : Anarchist Vampyrs !

The mob comes with a graf (dressed in red) and his consort, both old (ancient ?) miniatures from West Wind, 4 thralls released by Ironclad.  The guardian himself is taken from Privateer Press' ranges.

I so much loved working on 'goofy gothic' themes I even started a couple more mobs : gipsy werewolves and an all female vampyr gang :

(here's the actual consort ;) )