jeudi 16 août 2012

broadcasting interrupted (momentarily)

It's been awhile since I didn't come with any new post here. Now, I'm neither resigning, nor dying (well, I am like anyone, but I'm not planning to disappear in the coming monthes ... years :/), but I've been pretty busy IRL, as I'm sorting my PhD out of a whole decade of work. Hitherto I have very little time and should stay higly focused on my actual job. The good news, despite the evident lack of post, is that the situation should change within a month, as the thesis (the very sum of those 10 long years spent under minimum wage ...) should be finished (writting process I mean). Meanwhile, I'm slowly (really slowly) painting some factions for MUX 1920-30 (Oriental Chochos and Innsmouth's breeds) and started both a vampire and a Lycon gangs for Empire of the Dead, plus some scenic displays. I'm talking about Anarchist vampires and Gipsy werewolves, yes ! Sorry, just teasing for now, but stay tuned as by late september that blog should be reborn ... well, I hope so :S

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