mardi 13 novembre 2012

Visiting Mars

Some more Victorian stuff, but this time more on the 'science fiction' branch, as I just finished a couple of pieces for Mars: a green Martian and a british amoured explorer (plus some ruins ;) ).
Both pieces are test on the general look and to give me an idea of how to improve it.
The green martian first. This member of a rampaging horde comes from the forge of Bronze Age Miniatures, and is part of a wide range of massive native warriors. I put my hands on a few warriors to build up a green party (non, not the kind that want to save Gaia, the other ones ...), and even added the couple of references from TinMan Miniatures as juves.

The skin is based on a mix of Foundation's mid green and a touch of dark brown to come to a more olive shade. Armour has been worked out of copper to brigth silver, to give it a shinny, yet not iron, look. Highlight are a bit too crude to me, so I might further work it later (like 'if I have the time once I'll be pensionned').

Second character is a britsh explorer. Giving it a more 'steampunk' approach, he's made out of West Wind's weird war 2 British trooper, on top of which I put an head coming from Lead Adventure's own VSF/post-apoc. range. Love the way it looks.
I'm intending to make a whole regiment on this suit, using heads from Victoria's miniatures.

so much for the British expeditionary forces on Mars. Meanwhile, on the darkest streets of London ...
have you seen that ripper ?

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